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We pride ourselves on excellent service, 

Here are what a few of our customers had to say about us!


"I want to express our gratitude to Morelli plumbing for coming so quickly yesterday to fix a leaking pipe and frozen line. I called other large plumbing companies and we waited hours with no heat or ETA of when they might be able to come. Morelli was at our house within 30 minutes of my call. Highly recommend!"


"I swear, I will never ever call anyone else. An honest business who seem to really value and appreciate their customers. I called another heating and air place to move my air conditioning unit and they tried to double the quote after the job was done. I did not know Morelli worked with air conditioners or I would have never contacted anyone else. Next time, I know better. I called one time about the water pressure in my kitchen and he told me how to fix it on the phone, free of charge. Just good honest people. Another company would have come to the house and billed me $200 but Morelli knows that it is this kind of good service that makes me go back to them every time."


"I wouldn't call anyone else. They have worked on my plumbing and installed my boiler, and have always been responsive and service oriented. I highly recommend."


"Excellent Service! Serviced my heating system the very same day I called them. The technicians were very friendly people and they knew what they were doing. Thanks again! Highly Recommended!"


"Every time they show up on time, are thorough, professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend them."


"The service was great. We had a few other plumbers come before them and they were all very rude and expensive. These guys are a family owned business, and they are very courteous and understanding. The workers were very professional, and they will even come back for emergencies. I would recommend them."


"Ron Morelli did all the work. He explained everything he was doing and answered all my questions. Very clean and thorough. A professional job."


"I was very happy with them. They came the next day after I called. They were prompt and efficient. They did a really good job."


"We were re-painting the laundry room and discovered in the process a major hidden water leak. Mr. Morelli and his assistant came to the house shortly after our call and began work within 5 minutes of being in the house. The faulty pipes (probably since original installation in 1974!) had a very slow leak. They were removed and replaced within the hour. Job was neat and tested once completed. Absolutely would recommend them if a plumber is required!"


"Talked with them on a Mon, and they were there the next morning by 10.00. The man was very courteous and professional."

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